How to create your own day spa at home

You don't need an expensive day spa to experience the wonderful feeling of being pampered. It's so important to treat yourself and what better way than to go to a day spa, although when you don't feel like forking out the money, creating your own at home is super simple. There are a ton of at-home treatments and rituals you can follow that will make you feel relaxed, calm and nourished. Check out these tips and tricks to get you started...

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Why you need to be living in the moment

It's a never ending cycle and no one is immune to it. We wake up and long for the end of the day to come, we think that the future and past is significantly better than the present and we hope desperately for Friday to be a reality all while forgetting what's happening right now. 

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Why you need to be making me-time a priority

If it's the end of a long week, been a crazy day, or you're craving some alone time to be inspired and re-centre yourself, you my friend are ready to sit back and relax. It's essential. Without it we would be uptight, angry and we simply wouldn't be ourselves! It can be difficult to find the time when life gets in the way but it's so worth it!

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Nocturnal Rituals for Glowing Skin

Beauty sleep is scientifically recognised as a key agent in our fight against ageing and disease. The saying 'written all over your face' is well suited to the effects of sleep deprivation, with dark circles, puffiness and a weary grey complexion being tell-tale signs. We've all been there.

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Three feminists we are loving right now

Feminism - we all know what it means and stands for, and we all have an opinion about who is one and who isn't one. At Soak Society we are all for feminism and love the great work people are doing. Equal rights. It's that simple yet people get caught up in nitty gritty stuff and it all gets complicated.

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Five books you need to read while you soak

We love to celebrate the great things women do here at Soak Society and luckily enough, reading and soaking go hand in hand, so we’ve come up with our top five best books from inspirational woman to read as you soak! Although it's great to just relax and unwind, sometimes picking up a good read and finding inspo is just as good.

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