5 Minutes with Cass Deller

Cass Deller Interview

Ever since I met Cass Deller a couple of years ago, I’ve always admired how she appeared to blend motherhood with working from home so seamlessly. The calibre of magical projects she completes is inspiring, to say the least.

She’s determined, incredibly creative and talented, and one of the most humble people I’ve met. Some of the following questions I’ve spoken about with Cass when we’ve caught up for a coffee in our Sunshine Coast hometown, and I wanted to get her wisdom-filled answers down in writing to be able to share with you all.

You’re more than 5 years into your business journey. What is your biggest (or most current) fear, and how is it different to a fear at the startup stage of business?

Great Question! I’ve definitely learnt a lot over the past 5 years, and I’ve thankfully reached a place where I no longer fear where my next client might come from or how I’ll pay the bills, which were definitely more of the fears surrounding the startup phase. My current fears are more centred on not following my inner voice, and just doing what everyone expects, or following a predictable path. My goal is to always be true to myself and not be afraid to take risks, try new things and pivot when I need to. To quote Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Why do you think you do what do? What led you here? Do you believe in hard work, fate or a mixture of the two?

Many choices have led me to this point, but I believe that we are all here with a purpose, and the journey is about finding that purpose. I have always just followed what I’ve loved to do, and I’m not afraid to pivot when something doesn’t feel right anymore. I believe more in smart work than hard work. I think if you are doing something that you love, and that you’re excited about, then it’s not really considered hard work. I used to work 24/7 (pre-child days) and I never ever saw that as hard work. They were long hours, but it was never hard.

Yes, I believe that what’s meant to be will be. But most importantly, I believe that there is a higher guidance within us, and that’s what we have to listen to the most. That will put us on the right path.

Who makes up your family? What do you do together for fun on the weekends?

Our immediate little fam bam is just myself, my hubby and our 3 year old son. We look forward to slow weekends together where we simply play at home in the garden, go to the beach or the park, and just hang out. Now that summer is coming we are looking forward to spending more time on the water together.

My hubby and I both have quite small families, with all of them spread out over the country. We don’t all get together too often, but it’s so good when we do. We’re spending Christmas in Adelaide this year with my brother and his family, we are so excited.

You have an hour to yourself for some me-time. What do you do?

An hour long walk to the beach and back, by myself, listening to a podcast or audio book. Or Pilates! Heaven!

You have worked with some amazing large clients, as well as individuals. Which do you prefer/or how are they different in their own ways? Do you treat them differently in terms of finding inspiration, or is the process the same?

I honestly love all the types of clients I work with. Whether they are a large company or a start up business, I still treat them with the same love and passion that their project deserves. I’ve always loved the variety within my work; it keeps it fun and interesting and is always challenging me. No matter the client, the process of finding inspiration is usually very similar depending on the starting point of each job. Pinterest and Instagram are always an endless supply of inspiration.

Is there anything you want to get better at in terms of taking care of yourself? And why?

I think I’ve been pretty good at nourishing my body and finding time for exercise during the week, even with our busy schedule and a toddler in tow. Now that our little one is out of the pram, It’s a bit harder to go on long walks, which I really would like to do much more of. The one thing I don’t prioritise in my busy schedule is beauty and pampering, things like getting my hair done, nails done, eyebrows waxed, haha! It’s never been at the top of my list, and always more of a last minute thing, however if I had more time, that’s where I’d love it to go.

You can follow Cass and her beautiful work at @cassdellerdesign on Instagram.