Chanelle from Cilk Rosewater talks podcasts, Netflix and everyday luxury

Chanelle Louise is the founder of Cilk Rosewater, a unique luxury beauty beverage made from roses and formulated to enhance your skins' natural glow from within. 

Q. What does beauty mean to you?
To me, beauty is a continuous natural cycle. Rising with a fig and vanilla smoothie, a light run outdoors, dabbing rose water onto my skin, massaging a face serum in, eating organic whole foods, sipping roses in the evening and having a long restful sleep. This is the most important element to beauty, a relaxed and calm state of being. Maintaining or enhancing your natural beauty shouldn’t be a chore, nor painful, it should feel like a luxury experience everyday that is extended outside of your morning bathroom ritual.

Q. What are some 'little luxuries' you indulge in everyday, and how does Cilk fit into that?
It’s sometimes the simplest things that can be the most indulgent. Drawing a bath at the end of day with a good book and a glass of sparkling rose water or a girls night in, I love the moments that are blissful and that can also be shared and celebrated. Most of all, it is the satisfaction from re-inventing a powerfully healing ancient ingredient in a modern luxe way, this is the luxury that I can experience everyday, knowing that my product enables women to feel beautiful, celebrated and is good for their health.

Q. Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?
I don’t respond very well to authority or a strict corporate environment so I always knew I would eventually have a less traditional path. The freedom of only having yourself to answer to is irreplaceable. I thrive on the unknown of where my inner #girlboss can take me and being able to take risks. Although it’s challenging to manage the unpredictability of running your own business, it’s extremely exhilarating to create your own lifestyle.

Q. Who do you count as inspiration?
I really admire my fellow girlbosses who are bootstrapping and hustling hard to break through the noise in a flooded market. Just like me, they aren’t flogging their product or brand or trying to make quick cash, they are in it for the long haul and they have an artistic approach to their content and organic strategies to growth and scaling. It takes a lot of discipline and patience to do this. Outside of my network, I look for inspiration through industry disruptors like Natalie Massenet and Megan Quinn, Co-Founders of the first online luxury shopping experience Net-a-Porter, and Eleanor Pendleton who created Gritty Pretty, a digital beauty magazine and the first high-end platform of its kind. What motivates me the most is how these women recognised they weren’t engaged enough with what was available and they did something about it.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite ways to chill out and unwind?
1. Wearing uber comfy ‘at home clothes’, putting on a face mask, watching a movie or Netflix series like House of Cards, or Broad City or Girls with a decent amount of organic chocolate or a homemade iced chai.

2. Taking a road trip to Byron Bay or the countryside and capturing my love and landscapes on film camera.

3. Daily long walks along the beach with a business podcast (Mixergy, Foundr, EO Fire) or a compelling audiobook.