5 minutes with Danielle from Simple as That

What is Simple as That and how did it begin?

{SIMPLE as that} is an affordable, all-natural, vegan, Aussie made skincare brand using the fewest ingredients possible to promote natural beauty. I’m a pharmacist and for the last 10 years I’ve been formulating customised skin preparations for clients so it just made sense one day to turn that passion and knowledge into formulating more mainstream organic and natural beauty products and as a result, {SIMPLE as that} was born.

What are the benefits of simple and natural skincare? 

We all know by now that what we put on our body is absorbed so it’s really important to avoid products with a long list of chemicals or ingredients you don’t understand. Using simple and natural ingredients from nature results in less chemical overload, less sensitivities and breakouts, and ultimately long-term healthy, glowing skin.

What does your daily skin ritual look like? 

I like to keep my skincare regime really simple. Gone are the days where we need to apply a myriad of potions, lotions, serums and gels with a long list of ingredients claiming to turn back the clock. In fact, imagine how many chemical ingredients are in just one product, so layering several of these on can cause chemical overload, sensitivity and more breakouts. The key to healthy, glowing skin is to choose fewer products that contain high quality, hardworking ingredients. My morning routine includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen and my evening routine includes a cleanser and an oil or deeply hydrating moisturiser.

What does your me-time look like?

I’m a self-confessed workaholic so to be honest I find it really hard to relax when I’m in my hometown. I’ve found that the only way to totally switch off is to head out of town. My favourite two escape destinations are the eastern coast of Bali or anywhere in Sri Lanka. ‘Me-time’ for me is sitting by a pool with a book in one hand and cocktail in the other.

What is your top skincare rule?

Environmental damage plays a HUGE part in the ageing process so always wear sunscreen, even in winter. A good broad spectrum sunscreen will protect the skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays and help prevent premature lines and wrinkles from forming. For even better results choose a sunscreen that also contains antioxidants like green tea and raspberry seed oil which also contains Vitamin A and high levels of Vitamin E.

Your top 3 desert island beauty or wellness essentials?

1. Jojoba oil – I cant live without this oil and I like to call it “natures youth elixir”. The properties of this oil make it so versatile you can literally use it on any part of your body and reap the rewards - skin, nails and even hair.
2. An assortment of green fruit and vegetables
3. My {SIMPLE as that} sunscreen – A good natural sunscreen is the key to anti-ageing!