5 minutes with Ellen from The Great State

One might think that after co-founding the insanely successful mens grooming company Uppercut Deluxe, and then exiting to move in a different direction, that Ellen Newman might be done with the entrepreneurial life. But this was not the case for the creative founder, who saw a need for an all natural and toxin-free balm that could be used anywhere! Enter The Great State, a true multi-tasker.  The best part? It does not melt in the tin, even on a scorching hot Australian Summer's day - what a winner! Ellen is a truly amazing and genuine lady, on a mission to not only soothe cracked skin, but also to make room for the good stuff in life.



You're more than a year into your business The Great State. What is your biggest (or most current) fear? 

At the moment, I am worried that the momentum of the business is not building fast enough. It's such a balancing act to manage cash flow while working to expand. 

What is the weirdest thing you've used your multi-purpose balm for? 

I regularly use it to moisturise my pug's nose and soothe her irritated paws. I also use it to condition some of my timber furniture and my leather shoes. I'm not kidding when I say it is really multi-purpose! 

Who makes up your family? What do you do together for fun on the weekends? 

My husband Luke and I are super in love, and we have two little boys Hensley 5, and Stirling 3 1/2. For fun we are currently enjoying spending some quality time with our extended family and close friends in Brisbane. We go to museum, parks, and bush walks a lot. My absolute favourite thing to do though, is to head to the beach. 


Describe how you were feeling when you exited your previous business? 

It was a mix of relief and anxiety. A lot of my identity had been wrapped up in that business and I was afraid we had got lucky and that we would never be able to be successful again if we weren't in a business partnership. It sounds dramatic, but there was a process of grief involved in moving on. When I look back on it now though, all I feel is immense pride and gratitude that we were able to create something so wonderful with some of our best friends. 



You have an hour to yourself for some me-time. What do you do? 

I figure out a way to make it two hours alone and take myself off to the movies. I absolutely love going to see a movie on the big screen! 


What is your favourite local cafe, and what do you order? 

I'm still looking for someone to do perfect smashed avo the way I like it: on Turkish toast with feta, a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. Skal in Peregian Beach do a great iced latte and I'm a sucker for an almond croissant. 


Is there anything you want to get better at in terms of taking care of yourself? 

I would love to have great hair! I have had super short hair a few times, but it only looks good for the first 10 days and within 3 days of the big chop, I miss long locks so I always end up looking very ordinary for a few months while I am in the "growing it out" phase. I am also working on stretching more; this is one thing I notice makes a massive difference.


You can shop Ellen's amazing multi-purpose balm at www.thegreatstate.com.au