5 minutes with Liv from Ash Living

Tell us about what you do...

I run an online store which stocks ethically sourced and/or environmentally focused, luxe lifestyle and home wares products. Most of the products are hand made by artisans either in developing countries or by local talents here in Australia – many based on the Sunshine Coast – including Soak Society!

What does a regular day look like for you, and what's the best part about where you live?

I am a morning person so I usually get up early – walk the dogs on the beach (separately – one is a bit nuts, and one is recovering from surgery), then I either go to the gym, run or maybe paddle board. I work from home which is fantastic – there’s always something different to do – photographing new stock, packing up orders or picking things up – the variety is good.

Living on the Sunshine Coast is just amazing every day – I spent 11 years living in Canberra – which I actually loved – but it’s the middle of winter here on the coast and I’m still swimming in the ocean, I love it!

What are your me-time rituals?

I get a massage once a month, and try to practice mindfulness at some point every day – especially when I’m outside. It’s nice to feel the sand on my feet, the breeze on my skin and the sun on your face – it’s important to just enjoy the moment instead of always thinking about what needs to be done and what’s next. I’m also extremely partial to an evening of Chardonnay and Netflix – or reading something unintellectual on the deck with the dogs!

What is your favourite item currently at Ash Living and why?

The white linen duvet sets – I just love how luxurious linen is, and it’s so soft - but it’s also less impactful on the environment than cotton. Flax uses less water and chemicals to grow and it’s such a strong fibre that it generally also lasts much longer too. These sets go with everything, so they’re a great base for a range of styles. Love, love, love.

Your top 3 'desert island' beauty or wellness essentials?

I’m embarrassingly unsophisticated in my beauty routine – but 3 things I couldn’t live without are Tea Tree Oil, PawPaw Ointment and Sunbum sunscreen. Between tea tree and pawpaw you can fix almost any skin complaint – and up here I go through tonnes of sunscreen – SunBum is Cruelty free and smells delicious!