5 minutes with Sport Lé Moda's Jacklyn Quinn

Jacklyn Quinn, Brisbane based Creative Director of Sport Lé Moda creates luxe, versatile activewear. As a mother of two children she is always on the go, needing core fashion items that take her from the school run, to the studio and beyond.

What do you do and what do you love about it?

I am the Owner and Creative Director of Sport Lé Moda. I love that I get to assist people on their health and fitness journey by creating functional items, but also versatile pieces that can be a part of your everyday wardrobe. 

Describe your regular weekday and how you balance work and family?

I don’t think I ever actually have a regular weekday! In general my day starts with getting my children ready for school, school drop off, workout, office time, school pick up, more office time between food prep, dinner, put the children to bed and have a little downtime with my hubby.

I still also have my Corporate role on Monday and Tuesday so no weekday is ever really the same. Balance is not easy and I think we are fighting a losing battle always trying to find ‘the right balance’. It is important to be thankful for what we have, look after yourself and those you love and be clear on what your priorities are.

What are your go to top 5 ‘desert island’ wellness essentials?

1. My favourite sunnies - a beach must have!

2. 50+ sunscreen - no explanation needed!

3. A good book - a magazine subscription that delivers to the island weekly (even better)!

4. My 'Go-To' face oil - it smells and feels amazing!

5. Toothpaste - fresh minty breath is essential at all times!

How do you unwind?

AM - Coffee with friends

PM - I love to watch good Netflix series with my hubby and some Noosa Chocolate Factory chocolate sitting between us

What is your favourite kind of exercise?

Variety is key for me. I definitely prefer training in a group than solo exercise. I like high intensity workouts and currently I train at 12 Rounds, InspireCycle and also walk Mt Cootha with friends.

What are your thoughts on activewear being worn in day-to-day life, outside the Gym?

If you buy quality pieces that you love you shouldn’t limit them to the gym. I think more and more activewear is being integrated into everyday wardrobes. If your activewear makes you feel comfortable and confident you should go for it! Tights are the new skinny jeans and the bonus is they are far more comfortable. 

Sport Lé Moda launched their new collection in May at Darling & Co in Brisbane, where new ambassadors were also announced. SLM is functional, effortless and stylish and is a go-to online destination for your activewear essentials. View the range online www.sportlemoda.com and follow them on Instagram @sportlemoda.