A day in the life of Trefiel co-founder Lucy

Why did you decide to create Trefiel?

I’d been working as a designer for a large security company in the US and I wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled. I loved that I could work remote and the luxuries that afforded me (being able to work in Europe, the Middle East or Asia has it’s perks) but at the end of the day, I dreaded turning on my computer.

My partner and I had friends that had started successful businesses that utilised Instagram as their main platform and we thought we could do it at least at the same level as they were, if not better. We’d also both struggled with our skin and knew that it plays such a huge part in how you feel about yourself. Good products are hard to come by and great products even harder, but face masks are a real winner because they’re low commitment and you can see results almost immediately. Enter the Trefiel hydromask.

I quit my job and started working on Trefiel full-time and I’ve never looked back. The thought of working for someone else now is so foreign to me. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

What’s your favourite mask out of your range?

For me, it has to be brightening. It’s full of incredible ingredients (like pomegranate, witch hazel and licorice root) and every time I use it, I walk out the house the next day glowing like nothing else. For our customers, it’s Moisturising - our original formula.

What are your go to me-time rituals?

I have a weekly habit that I like to call Life Admin. Basically, I sit down and complete a review of my previous week, the upcoming week and my goals for the month.

Part of this ritual is scheduling my week. I came up with a checklist for the happiest me possible and every week I sit down and plan out my week so I have time to do everything that makes me feel incredible. This ranges from calling friends and family, being proactive with new friendships, investing into my staff and time to learn and document. It’s also time for the gym, meal planning and prepping, yoga and meditation.

Top 3 ways you look after your skin?

Keeping it simple, because I just don’t believe in extensive skin care routines when you can achieve amazing results without it:

  1. Sunscreen. Don’t skip it.

  2. Sleeping with a face mask on is a busy woman’s best friend.

  3. Eating a high fat diet, especially if you have dry skin like me. Eating like this has completely changed my skin.

What does a regular day look like for you?

I’ll choose one of my ‘strength’ days because they’re are less restorative and more about getting things done.

5am - Up and at ‘em. My morning ritual consists of me staring out the window for an hour, thinking about life and enjoying the view from my inner-city apartment. Time to just be is precious.

6am - Gym time. MMA has been a huge stress reducer for the last year for me.

8am - Come home drenched in sweat and spend time with my amazing partner (in life and business), Michael. Shower when he complains too much about my gym clothes.

9am - Coffee and set-up. Living in Melbourne, I’m really lucky to have access to some of the best coffee in Australia and with so many amazing places within just a few minutes of each other, I’m spoilt for choice.

9.15am - Deep work. This is where I shut off everything, including wifi and work hard on a creative project that wouldn’t otherwise be done. I find if I’m not spending at least 10 hours a week working in a state of flow, the progress of Trefiel pauses and I feel like I’m not moving the needle. This time in the morning is the only reason we move so fast.

12pm - I’m starving by this point, so I’ll usually walk home for a quick lunch. Usually salad with a side of pestering Michael.

1pm - Back into it. I’ll check in with our team on Slack, make sure everyone is happy and able to work.

1.30pm - Deep work, no distractions. I’ll usually do tasks that are quicker to achieve and more methodical in the afternoons because I feel less creative.

3.30pm - Done, for now. I’ll usually drop packages off at the post office, go for a walk around the city, call my friends and family or go see a show. Sometimes I’ll convince Michael to do yoga with me.

5.30pm - Customer Service, Community Management. I set aside an hour every day to do this with intention because otherwise I find myself on social media all day answering questions and achieving nothing. Time-blocking this has changed the way we serve our customers (for the better). This hour is one of my favourite parts of the day.

6.30pm - Dinner and down-time with bae.

8.30pm - Daily review. I’ll sit down and journal about my day, reflecting on my goals for the month and whether my actions aligned with those goals. It’s a chance to reflect on what is usually a hugely mentally taxing day and offer perspective on stresses or issues. This is my therapy and another ritual I fall back on daily to help me stay focused on what I want.

9pm - Take care of my skin then crawl into bed. Read for an hour while annoying Michael and fall asleep, ready for the next day.

Having written all this out, I’ve just realised how OCD I am… I usually have 3 days a week that look like this and the rest are more balanced (with yoga and face masking).

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