A guide to Summer soaking

As the weather warms up here in the Southern Hemisphere, the last thing you're probably thinking about doing when you have a moment free for some me-time is having a long soak. Taking a bath conjures up images of cold winter nights, but let as assure you - you can't afford to be missing out on the amazing health benefits of soaking, just because the sun is shining till 8pm outside!

So what are the benefits of a Summer soak?

  • Ever find that you're more agitated and can't concentrate when you're overheated? A lukewarm or cool bath is the perfect way to cool down at the end of a long day. You body temperate already drops at nighttime, so if you want to feel a dramatic difference sooner, take a warm bath after the sun goes down. Nobody likes that 'hot and bothered' feeling!
  • All those extra G&T's you're going to consume over the 'silly season' will add up, which means your body is going to need an extra helping hand when it comes to detoxing. A soak is such an easy way to do that. We're probably also not eating as well as we should be over this time, and the salts in our soaks will add much needed minerals to your body (yes your skin absorbs them!)
  • One of the worst parts of being sunburnt is the jets in he shower stinging your skin - ouch! Avoid them altogether and soak instead. All of our soaks contain clays which are soothing and gentle on the skin, great for sunburn. Our Originale wellness soak contains peppermint which can alleviate headaches caused by sunstroke. (Add some natural aloe vera to the bath too, and cucumbers on your eyes for extra cooling action!)
  • Bitten by mosquito's and nothing is working? Try our Sleep wellness soak. The chamomile and colloidal oatmeal will work to calm the itches. You could also add in some natural calamine lotion!

Now, a simple how-to guide so you can add Summer soaking to your me-time ritual today!

  1. When you fill the bath, make it cooler than normal. Add the cold water first, then gradually add water from the hot tap, until you have a 'tepid' or lukewarm bath. Don't worry, it will still feel warm once you're in.
  2. Add in your preferred wellness soak, ensuring that the crystals are fully dissolved. Because of the water temperature, this may take longer than usual. (Our Noosa soak is the ultimate Summer soak with zesty lime and lemon myrtle with a floral undertone of Jasmine, Australia sea salt and Australian clay!)
  3. You might like to take a cold shower afterwards, or depending on the weather, you might already be cool enough when you get out. 
  4. Get creative - if you're hot in the morning or at midday, take a breakfast or lunchtime bath. If you're on Summer holidays you have no reason not to!
  5. Use your time in the tub (we recommend a minimum of 20 minutes) to re-hydrate. Bring a larger bottle of water in with you, like a 600ml or a litre, and try to finish it. You could also treat yourself to a lovely homemade herbal iced tea too!

So, did we inspire you?! Let us know in the comments below.