Chill out, slow down, meditate | Laura from 1 Giant Mind

What are your best tips for creating a special place at home to meditate?

The best tip for creating a special place to meditate is to let go of any idea that there is a perfect place! The thing is, when you close your eyes and meditate, you transcend (or go beyond) your whole environment anyway. I notice with my students, that if any of them are struggling with their environment while meditating (or before they even start) it’s actually less about the space itself, and more about their relationship to it.

They are usually experiencing some sort of internal stress release process and are projecting the discomfort, agitation, procrastination or control onto their environment. But really, the environment itself is neutral. The challenge is to sit down and just do it!

When you have a really robust meditation practice that is not ‘space dependent’ then it’s easy to make meditation a twice-daily practice. No matter where you are, you have no excuse to do it! As long as you can sit comfortably and close your eyes, then it’s the perfect place to meditate.

What does your space look like? 

The main place I meditate is in bed. I love that it’s warm, comfy and there’s no one to distract me. I prop myself up in bed with lots of pillows and in Winter I’m all snuggly under my doona. However, I also meditate in lounge rooms, bathrooms, trains, buses, under trees, on park benches, at the beach, in a car, in my friends spare room before heading out for the night, at temples and on planes.

The space I’m more interested in is the space I’m creating in my mind. It’s that space that gives me infinite adaptability, flexibility and creativity. That’s why I make meditation my priority no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

What are the benefits of meditation whilst travelling, and do you have any rituals for staying grounded once you’ve arrived at a destination?

Meditation is the one thing I know I can do that refreshes every part of my being and gives me the deep rest that’s needed while travelling. I also have a wonderful ‘Meditation and Flying’ program on my blog Loka Life with Ayurvedic techniques for staying grounded.

How do you chill out, slow down, and indulge yourself?

1. Meditate – yep it’s both a necessity and a juicy indulgence. I love it.

2. Baths – being in water is one of my favourite things. Baths are a pre-requisite for any house I live in. There’s a big bath called the Ocean that I also love to be in during summer.

3. Music – sound has such a healing, uplifting and joyous effect on me. I have a wide range of music tastes and choose one to suit the mood. Sometimes that means Sheila Chandra… other times it’s remixes of Little Dragon.

4. And when I really need to slow down and chill out, I head to Bali. That’s where I am now and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of this chilled out culture.

Laura is the 1 Giant Mind ‘Learn to Meditate’ Program Developer and female voice over artist in the app. She is a professional Vedic meditation teacher, who has trained for nearly a decade with great masters in Australia, USA and India.

Laura runs a private meditation practice based in Melbourne. She teaches meditation courses and runs retreats all over the world. –