Cocolux founder Meisha Strykowski on building a brand and the importance of down time

What do you love most about your job and have you always been an entrepreneur at heart?

Going back to the beginning, I was born in New Zealand and moved to Sydney Australia with my family when I was six years old. My father has always been an entrepreneur and as one of three girls, he has always inspired us to think, question and be innovative. It seems that his entrepreneurial genes have rubbed off on us because both my sisters and myself have followed suit to run their own businesses. 

There are plenty of aspects about my job, but for me being such a creative person, seeing my ideas come to life physically. That process of an idea coming to fruition is what drives me - whether that be new scents, new vessels or products. 

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in the lifestyle space?

Develop a strong brand vision and aesthetic, know who you want to be and where you sit in the market from the beginning and stay true to that. Don't try to please everyone, it's impossible. 

Keep things simple when starting out and do what you decide on well.

Be optimistic, whilst you need to listen to what people around you have to stay, you need to distinguish between what you take on board and what to put to the side. 

There will be people who will say ‘that wont work’ or try to hold you back out of fear of failure. If you truly believe in your idea and brand, follow your heart and remember it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t succeed because the journey and lessons are so much more rewarding than not having taken the risk. 

Something we always ask everyone - what are your me-time rituals?

I know it sounds cliche and it’s not quite ‘me-time', but I love spending time with my two daughters. My husband David and I work so much for Cocolux Australia and family life is something that has had to be sacrificed in the past. I appreciate those little moments like playing silly games, helping them with homework or having dinner with them. 

When I do need some alone time, I love going for a run or simply just sitting on the couch with a good magazine and cup of coffee. 

We are big believers in scents creating atmospheres and affecting moods - tell us how this relates to Cocolux and why home scents are so important?

Cocolux candles not only look beautiful, but smell beautiful. Our scents have been carefully crafted to suit any manner of environment. Whether you need to chill out, be uplifted, calm your mind or be taken away to an imaginary place, there will always be a scent for you. 

We often get asked, what’s the best seller? But to be frank, they all sell equally as well as each other. With customers all over the world, it varies. What might be popular in the UK might not be as popular in the US. We’ve also seen a trend in weather and seasons and how that plays into what people are burning.

What are your top 3 desert island wellness essentials?

A gorgeous swimsuit, coconut based sunscreen and a good book!

You can find Cocolux candles in The Soak Society Editin your choice of Bergamot, Lily & Moss or Island Fig, Cassis & Peach.