How to stay warm this winter

There’s no denying that winter weather is harsh. But that feeling when you open the door to your warm and cosy sanctuary? That can only be described as bliss. You turn the heater up and settle into an evening of warmth. It is so important to be aware of how the weather is affecting you. In Chinese medicine there is Yin and Yang, and in Ayurveda the three Dosha’s — Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Both of these ancient medicines use these elements to measure how balanced our bodies are. If you feel out of balance in winter, it may be time to consider how your routine is affecting you. Are your rituals truly nourishing you and creating warmth in your body? Our tips will ensure you will maximise your comfort and nurture your wellbeing.

Drink herbal tea. There’s only so much coffee we can drink before our adrenals become exhausted. And that wide-awake feeling you have because you had at double latte at 5pm? Nobody likes that. Replacing your caffeinated beverages with herbal teas will support your immune system throughout winter, and can even help with the side-effects of detoxing from coffee. Also, because there is less humidity in the air, your skin needs additional moisture. A cup of herbal tea will hydrate you as much as a glass of water will, with the added benefit of warming your body from the inside! There are so many blends available that it can be hard to choose. Teas that are organic, and created by a naturopath or herbalist are your best option. We love the teas by Edible Beauty, in particular Golden Glow blend for radiant skin.

Soak your body. If you haven’t had a long relaxing soak in your tub in years, now is the time to start. It’s one of those things that is often pushed aside because we are too busy, but once we enter that warm, beautifully scented water, we wonder why we don’t do it more often. Not only does it relax you and force you to sit still for longer than 5 minutes, there are a host of health benefits. For detoxification, Epsom salts in your bath work wonders. Your pores will open and toxins will be released, very similar to the process your body goes through in a sauna. Many people are magnesium deficient, which is important for bone and muscle health, restful sleep, and many other important body functions. The combination of essential oils in your bath will create aromas which relax the mind. In our busy lives, time out is important, which is why we recommend combining your soak time with some meditation or reading. Be sure to leave your phone outside the bathroom. 20 is the magic number for minutes you should be soaking to gain the benefit. Creating a beautiful space to soak in, with candles, incense and crystals is a ritual we should all schedule into our weeks, especially in winter when our bodies need more warmth. Our all natural bath soaks are made with organic essential oils, the purest clays, and a unique blend of salts from around the world.

Eat warming foods. It’s 5 degrees outside, and you’re preparing an icy green smoothie. Do you see something wrong with this picture? We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a green smoothie, but if you find you’re struggling with the coldness, then don’t force it. There are ways you can get those nutrients in a way that will warm you. The aim is to do things that will make our bodies love us! Why not try a warming organic coconut chai, blended with cinnamon and cashews, or a green soup. Yum!