How to Sweeten your Soak Session

There's no denying that a long soak is one of the most relaxing me-time activities out there. But what happens when you get in the tub and start to crave a snack or refreshing drink? Be prepared, we say! 

We've come up with a few ideas that are indulgent yet healthy, and perfect to have while soaking!

Wine: (The Classic)

Yes we know that alcohol can be dehydrating, but it's so enjoyable with a soak! Make sure to bring a glass of water into the bathroom with you, and stick to organic wine because the grapes are grown without any artificial pesticides or fertilisers and are free of any genetically modified ingredients. Contrary to popular belief, organic wine is actually similarly priced to conventional wine! 

Kora Organics Supplements:

Kora Organic's new powder, Noni Glow Skinfood, is the perfect superfood antioxidant supplement with a natural fruity taste free from any added sugar. Want to know the best way to have it? Make like Miranda Kerr herself and pop a sachet into a glass of champagne for some superfood bubbles (we saw her do it on Snapchat!)

The Beauty Chef's Powders:

The Beauty Chef has created a range of healthy powders in a variety of flavors! Try a chocolate powder in some almond milk for a chocolatey fix or jump on The Beauty Chef website for more recipes! 

Source: @pana_chocolatePana Chocolate:

This organic, vegan, dairy-free treat is a great way to indulge without feeling too guilty!

Why not pair a slice of this chocolate with a glass of your favorite organic wine? That's what we call heaven in a tub! 

Wallaby Bites:

These yummy little bites are perfect for portion control, are low in calories! Put a few in a bowl and enjoy the chocolate melt in your mouth while you're relaxing in the tub!

Organic Pomegranate Mocktail:

Grab a bottle of Nuris pomegranate juice , add some soda water, ice and fresh lime! This organic drink is full of flavor and will keep you extra hydrated during your soak. We also love to combine iced teas like lemongrass or peppermint for a herbal boost.

          Source: @pana_chocolate

There are our top favourite indulgent snacks to pair with your soak! Which one is your favourite?

Cover image by Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.