New Product Alert: BathDew™ Flower Power

IT'S HERE! Our brand new product - BathDew!

If you're in love with our soaks and looking to broaden your range of bath time essentials you absolutely must try our new BathDew - Flower Power. 

What is BathDew?

We have searched Australia and couldn't find an organic bubble bath made for women. So, of course, we made our own!

How does it smell?

Our unique product combines essential oils from Magnolia, Rose and Orange Blossom flowers that has created a beautiful floral citrus aroma, without being too overpowering.

What does it look like?

The BathDew is a beautiful shimmery rose gold colour (made using only natural colouring ingredients)!

What else is so great about it?

It's Australian Made - even the bottle and the lid! 

It's made with added magnesium and Larch Tree Extract, a natural plant collagen. Perfect to promote smooth skin and relax your muscles.

It's made using organic ingredients and does not contain SLS, SLES, synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives, EDTA, silicones or mineral oils. 

And of course, totally vegan (not tested on animals and accredited with the CCF).

The best part? One 250ml bottle will last you 10 baths! (add 3 capfuls per bath to create the perfect amount of foam). Because BathDew is all natural and plant based, the bubbles won't last as long as in regular bubble bath products (those strip skin of moisture, whereas our BathDew is based on moisturizing aloe vera!)

The BathDew comes in a delightful matte black box and priced at $39.95 it makes a perfect gift as well! Shop here