Poached Eggs with a side of Gratitude

Photo: Annie SprattYesterday I woke up and went to breakfast with my best friend. I ordered poached eggs, toast and a cappuccino. The cappuccino was velvet and the eggs were poached perfectly - my favorite! We stayed there for two hours, just chatting and sipping our hot velvet. As we departed ways I remembered I owed my neighbour a coffee. I went back in and ordered a take-away. It took what felt like forever. Finally I got it. On my drive home I swear I hit every red light possible and two drivers cut me off! Two! I arrived home irritated and rather upset. When I gave my neighbor his coffee and he asked about my morning I told him about the long wait and idiot drivers. I was so obsessed with the minor inconveniences on my way home I wasn't even grateful for the time I had spent with my best friend, the velvety smooth coffee, or the perfectly cooked eggs. I'd forgotten to be thankful and appreciative of the great things that had happened to me that morning, Where was my gratitude?
" Kindness. Appreciation. Thankfulness. "
These three feelings can spread like wild fire if you know how to use them correctly. So let us show you a few ways to light the world up with gratitude.

Gratitude towards others. Our friends and family mean the world to us. They help us celebrate our successes, they listen to us when life throws us a confusing curve ball, and they make us belly laugh when no one else can. In our heads, we know we're grateful for all that they do...but do ever actually tell them? 

Gratitude means showing those special people we appreciate their love, support and guidance. 

Here are a few simple ways to show your friends and family how thankful you are to have them:

- Call them ... a real phone conversation - not a text message! Let them know that you are thankful for the hugs, the laughs and all the memories you share together. 

- A small gift ... a bottle of wine, flowers, or one of our wellness soaks! Whether it's dropping it off at their door with a little note, or handing it to them over coffee ... a little friendship appreciation gift is a great way to show someone that you acknowledge how special they are. 

 At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you do it, it only matters that you did it. Showing gratitude to your friends and family will deepen and prolong your relationships

Gratitude for self-care. It's also important to be kind to ourselves! Respect and appreciate who we are, what we do, and why we're so special. Some self-appreciation can go a long way. After all, we can't appreciate others if we don't start by being kind to ourselves.

Photo: Katie GrantHere are a few ways to practice self-gratitude: 

- A Wellness Soak!  Take the time to relax in a beautiful bath with one of our best soaks! Pick up a book, listen to your favorite playlist, grab a glass of wine, any way you choose to do it, a soak session is the perfect way to show appreciation for your mind, body and soul. 

- Start a gratitude journal ...grab a notebook and pen and every night write down a list of everything in your life, or that day, you are grateful for. It can be as big as being grateful for a promotion, or as small as appreciating perfectly poached eggs. By writing all our gratitude's down we become consciously aware of how lucky we are and our daily happiness will increase. 

You have some tips from us and now its your turn. Show yourself and someone you love a little appreciation this week. Spread kindness.