Q & A with Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty

Ocean loving Emmily Banks is a Bondi based Natural Make-up Artist. Through Depths Of Beauty, she posts detailed natural beauty reviews and tips, and hopes to create change through awareness of eco-friendly, sustainable products. Her aim is to empower women to feel beautiful, regardless of if they are wearing make-up.

Q. Why is natural beauty and wellness so important to you?

Health and wellness has always been a priority in my life, though my interest and passion for it has increased more so over the years. I’ve started realising just how many people are sick, tired, stressed and run down in life and it’s NOT normal. I believe we need to make a conscious effort to nurture our body mind and souls and personal grooming and beauty is no exception! I wholeheartedly know that true beauty really does start from within which is exactly why I am SO passionate about helping women to understand the importance of using natural, organic, ethical and cruelty free beauty to cultivate beauty from the inside out.. and the outside in!

Q. Was there a turning point for you?

The turning point was a couple of years ago when I was still practising as a mainstream makeup artist and I started receiving free products to promote, it was then that I realised I had the power to influence people on what to buy and use on their bodies. This made me really uncomfortable because whilst the products I was using were ‘performing’, I knew they weren’t necessarily beneficial to our health. I decided to start researching product’s ingredients and I was totally horrified by just how toxic and dangerous everything was! So I bit the bullet and made the switch to an all natural and organic kit, which took A LOT of trial and error, time and money! It was TOTALLY worth it though because now I LOVE supporting and promoting everything in my kit and I feel like I can make a really positive impact on the planet and it’s people!

Q. What are your 3 absolute essential beauty products?

This is always one of the toughest questions as I seriously LOVE all of my products and mix them up daily. A big part of my job is to test and trial brands and products, so I’m constantly loving a range of things! I will share 4 of my ‘current favourites’.

  • RMS uncover up is the best concealer/foundation for travel. I always have a pot of this on me .. its a serious ‘must have’.
  •  Ere Perez Duo Bronzers are the best too. I use almost everyday for a golden glow.
  •  Josh Rosebrook day cream with SPF. It’s the first natural SPF face cream I’ve tried that isn’t oily! Seriously amazing stuff!
  •  The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm and Mokosh Moisturising Lip Balm is amazing for my dry lips and any dry areas on the face or body.