#realtalk Flaunter's Margot and Aimee talk self-care, mentors, and doing PR differently

If you haven't heard of Flaunter, you can thank us later.  This incredible Sydney-based company is disrupting the public relations industry in Australia in the best way possible. Making it easy for small to medium sized brands (like us!) to have a direct link to print and online publications, bloggers and newspapers, once only accessible through a traditional PR agency. At Soak Society we have used the amazing services provided by Flaunter for a couple of years now, so thought we'd sit down with Aimee and Margot to find out a bit more about them, and the industry in general.  

You've been running Flaunter for a few years now. What is your biggest (or most current) fear?

Margot: With any startup (especially one that is challenging the status quo) there are constant fears! However, they are always quelled by the wins - and the knowledge that we are making a positive difference to the PR industry. I think that the major concern right now is preparing for a global push in the second half of the year. We need to nail it!

Who do you turn to for business advice? Do you have one or many mentors?

Margot: My mentor is definitely our CEO and founder, Gaby Howard. She’s been in the industry for over 15 years so is an endless wealth of knowledge. She is always pushing me to think bigger and work smarter - plus she’s super positive and constantly smiling which makes office life pretty great. In addition to Gaby, we’ve got fantastic advisors from many different industries (it helps to think outside of your own bubble!). We were also lucky enough to be selected for the Startmate tech accelerator in 2017, which gave us access to a huge network of other startups to bounce ideas off.

Aimee: Gaby, our CEO & founder, definitely plays a huge role in getting me to where I am today. She’s a bit of a know-it-all (LOL) but most importantly her enthusiasm and passion is contagious - pretty much my go-to for all things work-related (and fashion). I’m also very lucky to work within a team of diverse and forward-thinking individuals- it’s a great environment to learn and thrive in.

Tell us, what do you love most about the industry you're in, and what do you think needs to change in the industry on the whole?

Margot: Without a doubt my favourite part is working with so many different people from both sides of the industry. I have great relationships with many of our brand owners and am deeply invested in seeing them succeed! As for what needs to change in the industry as a whole, I think that there is still major gaps in transparency, favouritism and how people measure the value of PR. For example, there’s a bit too much emphasis on ‘vanity metrics’ - do the number of likes on that paid influencer insta post actually matter? I like that Flaunter is helping both brands and PR agencies measure their effort and results with more clarity, and levels the playing field for emerging brands that might not be able to afford those 5K retainers!

Aimee: It’s fast paced and the different ways we reach out to audiences nowadays. It’s constantly evolving and I think people are starting to realise with technology comes visibility & networking - we need to use it to our advantage! In terms of what needs to change I’d say exclusivity...sometimes I think we need to readjust our focus ;)


Describe the biggest win you've had for a client through Flaunter...

Margot: I LOVE when brands have big wins through Flaunter! Everyone sees ‘a win’ very differently, so I like to celebrate that product feature in a regional newspaper just as much as I do when a tiny label gets a 4 page feature in a national mag (yes that’s happened and it was awesome).

Aimee: I’d say any opportunity to facilitate a small brand getting into their dream publication is pretty damn satisfying. Recently, we had a brand new interiors label sign up to Flaunter with a relatively small profile. Within a few short weeks the brand was noticed and downloaded by Marie Claire magazine for their April Issue. Tears of joy were shed.



You have an evening to yourself for some me-time. What do you do?

Margot: Well seeing as I am always celebrating so hard from client wins (ha!) I like to chill when I have some me-time. A glass of red and a full on home-spa situation is ideal.

Aimee: Switch off all tech devices, run a bath with BathDew Flower Power (doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin - yasss!) and apply my Kiehl’s Hydrating Facial Mask.


Is there anything you want to get better at in terms of taking care of yourself?

Margot: I want to reduce screen time drastically! Plus I want to work towards replacing all my beauty products with organic/ethical brands.

Aimee: Sleep more, keep hydrated and get into a good skincare routine - at the moment it’s anything I can slap on before I hop into bed.


What is the best cafe closest to your office and what do you order?

Margot: Hmm that’s a tough one because we are in Darlinghurst in Sydney so there’s a lot of great options! I would have to say my fave cafe is one I pass on my walk to work - Infinity Bakery. I can’t go past a piccolo and a fresh croissant.

Aimee: I grab a coffee from Proteini in Darlinghurst most mornings before work. If I’m feeling peckish I can’t go past the GF banana bread or Paleo Pancakes - yum!