#realtalk Founder Natalie on organisation and self-care

Before she started Soak Society, founder Natalie worked as a professional organiser and personal concierge for private clients in Brisbane. She has lived in Sydney, Perth, WA's Kimberly Region, Brisbane, Mexico and Canada. We ask her a few questions on how these experiences led to Soak Society, and how her personal self-care rituals actually help the brand to grow.

What made you want to start a company that centred around the idea of self-care?

Actually in the beginning I launched Soak Society because I couldn't find the type of bath soak mixes I was making at home for myself. A couple of years into my business journey I rebranded Soak Society and really thought about why our products were important. What was it that I liked so much about a long soak? I also did a lot of customer research. What I came up with was that a bath is a small way to escape the day, the go-to Me-Time activity, and the tagline #hustlesoakrepeat was born from that research and realisation! 

Why do you think it's essential to prioritise self-care? 

Because I truly believe that without taking some time out to feel refreshed and connected to ourselves that we can't feel inspired or move forward with new ideas. We NEED to 'recharge the batteries' to be able to give more at work and in our relationships. I've definitely been on the edge of 'burning out' and it's not fun. Self-care needs to be something that is integrated into out daily lives, not just something we do like go to a day spa once a year. That's why I wanted to create stylish products that fit nicely into daily life and make you feel like you're really spoiling and looking after yourself.

How has living in different locations around Australia and across the world impacted your mission with Soak Society?

I think that all my experiences have led me to where I am supposed to be... running Soak Society. Living in different places makes you adaptable to any situation, and that skill is crucial in business!

What did you learn while working as a personal concierge and professional organiser?

I think I was already pretty good at time management and 'getting things done' hence my attraction to that particular career. But I think it reconfirmed that any problem has a solution. Because working for high net worth clients, you cannot say 'that's not possible', you have to find a way to complete the sometimes challenging problem, whatever it takes. That ethos has really been my driving force behind my business. I also learnt that great customer service is absolutely crucial, and that is something I pride myself on. 

Other than Soaking, what are some ways you relax and make sure you take time for yourself? 

Swimming and walking at the beach, doing a face mask while watching Netflix. The simple things are often the most effective, and they don't have to be expensive!

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 3 years? Personally and professionally. 

Professionally, the goal is for Soak Society to expand into South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and more cities in Japan (we just launched in Tokyo). Also to expand out product range to offer more innovative bath products for your Me-Time! Personally, I am hoping to travel more, learn pottery, work on my Hip Hop dancing, and build a house!