#realtalk 'How I balance being a mum with me-time'

We ask Amanda what it's like to be a working mother of young boys and still have time for herself...

Q. Whats it like to be a mum of two boys under 3?

Life is very busy with two boys. I'm not going to sugar coat anything, it's actually its non-stop and I’m sure it is only going to get crazier as they get older. I work as a property accountant 4 days a week, so being a working mum is full on. In between getting everyone ready every day, drop offs then into work then on my days off cleaning the house, catching up on the mounds of washing that have accumulated from the week, it gets pretty intense. Then spending as much time outdoors with the boys as possible and feeding their growing bodies and brains.

Q. What do you do to relax and unwind?  

Every night after the craziness has died down and my littlest son is asleep I usually take a long shower or bath, then relax and unwind with my partner on the couch watching TV and talking. Also, sometimes on my lunch breaks at work I'll escape to go and get my nails done, get a massage or some shopping on my own.

Q. How high up on your priority list is 'me-time'? 

Pretty high. It's important because it helps you keep your sanity even if it is only every now and then. You definitely cherish it more when you have kids. To be honest, the littlest members of the family become your main priority and keeping them happy and healthy does take over as your number one priority.

Q. When you do have a bath, do you feel like it's a luxury?

I feel amazing after having a bath especially if I have one in the dark with some candles. Its definitely a luxury, especially to get to have one on my own. Normally it might start that way and then my eldest son will creep in and turn the lights on, ask me what I am doing then sit on the chair in the bathroom and play with his toys or talk to me. 

Other times my baths consist of both boys in there with me and me washing their hair and playing boats and crocodiles. I totally wish I could do it more as those rare occasion I get to have a nice relaxing one on my own I feel so great after, it’s even extra special if my partner can join me!

Q. Did you soak while you were pregnant? 

Yes I did, I think I soaked a couple of times and it was great being in water when you are pregnant. It's amazing as it takes away all the aches and pains your body might be feeling. I did however not have the water as hot as I would have if I wasn't pregnant. I remember my partner set me up a bath one night when I was pregnant with baby no.2. He told me to wait in the lounge room and he set candles and put in the Rose soak and then told me to come in and have a look. It was so special, and being in there felt even better. 

Q. What does your soak sanctuary look like? 

If it is a relaxing soak (ie. without my inquisitive son) then I have darkness with only a few tea light candles and then a soy scented candle that I make myself. This is probably bad but I have my phone with me, catching up on the gossip on Facebook and Instagram. Once I have done that I usually then just lie there and take in the silence (as my house is rarely silent). 

Any have tips they'd like to share on balancing mum life with me-time? What do you do to stay sane?