#realtalk 'I love bringing my kids to work' with Pete from Bella Rustique Noosa

What does a regular weekday look like for you, and how does running a homewares boutique fit in with raising a family?

Bella Rustique is a beautiful homewares boutique located in Noosa Heads that stocks our wellness soaks. We met owners Pete and Maryl a few months back, and just totally admire the business they have created to suit their lifestyle. So, in honour of Father's Day this Sunday, we sat down to chat with Pete about his day to day and the best parts of being a Dad!

My week is always challenging, trying to coordinate family and business. Our 13 month old Sequoyah is in daycare 3 days a week. Our Mondays usually involve juggling Sequoyah time and business. He loves to crawl around the shop exploring and smiling at our customers! My side of the business involves administration and behind the scenes logistics, so I use my Sequoyah time to de-stress from the other!

What is your favourite thing about the lifestyle you've designed for yourself and your family?

My favourite part IS the family. It gives both my wife Maryl and I some flexibility to juggle not only family and kids, but our other business interests overseas. As we work together, we can shuffle things as needed.

What do you love most about being a Dad?

The thing I love most about being a Dad is watching and experiencing the kids growing and being a part of their life, and having that unique connection to them. It overrides all the negative aspects such as last week when we were out at the Eumundi Pub when Sequoyah threw up all over me and I caught it in my shirt while running to the car!

How do you spend your down time?

On the rare occasion I get downtime, I usually try and have some quiet time with Maryl. It definitely doesn't happen often enough! We might drink a glass of wine and enjoy some Netflix. Sundays are our only day off so it's 'family fun day'. That usually involves going for a drive in the Hinterland, or going to the beach with the boys.

Tell us a bit about your boutique Bella Rustique? 

Bella Rustique has become an extension of our home. The idea was a dream of Maryl's. She uses her producer skills to create not only a lovely environment, but a shop where people can have an emotional connection. The customers have created that friendly 'neighborhood' for us. The Noosa Shire Chess Club play here two days a week which gives the place more of the real home feel! 

You can find Bella Rustique at Shop 2-3, 89 Noosa Drive, Noosa Heads. Follow them on Instagram too!

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