#realtalk 'My other baby is a startup' with Iman, founder of Purely Polished

What is Purely Polished and why did you decide to start this business?

We're a 'beauty on-demand' business delivering manicures and pedicures to our lovely clients homes, offices or other happy place. The idea to create the business came to me not long after I became a mum. I really wanted a manicure but found it challenging to get to a salon and there didn't seem to be a business out there that was fresh and current, and came out to you. So, I put all the elements I was after in a nail service and launched Purely Polished.

Why is toxic free nail polish and body care so important to you?

After becoming a mum I found myself paying closer attention to the foods we ate and the products we used on our bodies. I started to really focus on living a less toxic life. After doing some research, I found nail polish brands that were safer to use and free of 5 to 6 of the main toxins found in other brands. So I selected a few such as Paint Nail Lacquer, Faby Lacquer and Faby Gel Polish (shellac) to stock. The quality of these products are amazing and just as good as other polishes. You really don't have to sacrifice on style and quality to have happy healthy nails. All the other products we use are 100% natural and organic such as our nail care range, moisturisers, scrubs and your beautiful wellness soaks!

What does a 'regular' weekday look like for you?

My day pretty much revolves around my 11 month olds schedule. I try to get most of the household chores done in the morning so that I can spread my work tasks out over the course of the day. During my daughters naps I take the opportunity to tackle my inbox or other major tasks. Lately my time has been spent selecting nail polish colours and planning for our stalls at the One Fine Baby fair and One Fine Wedding Day fair. A lot of juggling is involved throughout the day and requires me to be super flexible at all times! 

You've got a few hours to yourself - what do you do to relax and unwind?

It's been awhile since I've had a few hours to myself but I would have to say that there's nothing better than getting into my pjs and putting on a good series on Netflix, it always does the trick! Yoga is another thing that helps me to unwind, I find it gives me the opportunity to reconnect with myself and gives me an energy boost.

What is your ultimate dream or goal for Purely Polished and what can we expect in the near future?

I've got some exciting plans lined up for Purely Polished. We've teamed up with some amazing brands, such as yourself, Faby Australia, Paint Nail Lacquer, Theseeke and The Good Polish. Next up we're looking to go national, starting with Melbourne by summer. The response here in Sydney has been great, our one-on-one bookings being the most popular as well as bookings for bridal parties and mothers groups. We have a few other fun things in store for the year so watch this space!