Roses Only's Kelly Taggart on gifting go-to's and separating work and life

Christmas is just around the corner, but that shouldn't mean stressing over how many gifts you still have to buy, or how many things you have to cross off your to-do list before the holidays. It should be an enjoyable experience! We sat down with gifting expert and CFO of The Roses Only Group Kelly Taggart who shared her simple gift ideas, and how she unwinds!

What do you love most about your job?

I couldn't achieve everything without my team, who are truly wonderful! So that is what I love most - developing the team to become a combined force that implements our strategy and the many projects that form that strategy, in a dynamic, collaborative and efficient way.

How do you balance work and life?

Be present in the moment! When you're at work you work, when you're not at work, don't think about work! Easier said than done, but that is what I try to live by. My husband and I work closely together in the business and we help keep each other on track with balance.

What are your top picks for Christmas this year?

It is always so hot at Christmas - any gifts around the sun, surf and yummy food will do the trick! Personally, I love the fruit available around Christmas, and I think giving should be about sharing, so cherries are usually on my gifting list!

My picks from the Roses Only Group this year would be our Mango & Cherry Deluxe hamper and our Chandon Summer Gift Box - fresh fruit, champagne, and beach towel - all set!

Share some of your 'me-time' rituals?

Actually, it was you, Natalie, that introduced me to this ritual! I was saying I wish I could have more baths so I could use your soaks more, and you suggested a foot bath with your soaks instead. Well... these are the best ever, AND you can still read, snack or scroll through Instagram without dropping it all in the bath!

What are your favourite Spring blooms for the home?

This might be cliche, but I love roses all year round. I change up the colours depending on the time of year though - I hosted a lunch for my girlfriends the other week and had some beautiful South American roses in every colour of pink you can imagine grouped around the table and housed in many small vases. 

P.S. Did you know you can 'add on' one of our Travel Sized Sleep Wellness Soaks to any bouquet at Roses Only?!