Six ways to set yourself up for success everyday

Are you stuck in a rut? On the hunt for some good inspiration? Or just wanting to get the most out of your day? The following six tips will have you out of your slump, and on your way to daily success! After all, it's the small wins that count. 

1. Set an alarm and be on time

There's nothing worse than getting up late, running around your house like a crazy lady only to get out the door and forget something, not feel yourself and not be prepared. If there’s anything I've learned in my life so far it’s that if you wake up on time, your day will always turn out better! You may despise that song you set as your alarm and cringe when it goes off but it’s worth it when you can stop in and get the must needed latte on your way to work right?

2. Make a to-do list

If you want the most out of your day, make a list! Write down your goals for the day and tick them off as you go. I find that I always feel more accomplished when I do this. It's important to always write out a new to-do list every day instead of constantly adding to your old ones because when you do this, the work piles up and becomes too much. Instead, start each day afresh and make sure not to give yourself too much work to do!

3. Don't forget to eat breakfast!

By eating a big protein-filled breakfast, you are then able to focus on what you need to be doing throughout the day instead of thinking about food, leading to unhealthy choices. Instead, find healthy food options that will sustain you and make you feel good! A good rule of thumb is asking yourself, would I feed a child this? If your answer is no, put that burger down! I bet you no-one has ever said they feel better after an unhealthy meal. Sure, fast food is quick, but I can guarantee your insides are never going to thank you.

4. Smile

If I’m happy, my day is always better without a doubt and when I smile, I become more happy. Studies have found that just by smiling (genuinely or not) these great things called endorphins are released which lift your mood and reduce stress. Not only that, but people are drawn to others who smile as this is an attractive trait and when people are drawn to you, you can get your voice out there and attract the right people to you, in all aspects of your life.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
– Herman Cain

5. Be confident (fake it till you make it!)

Don’t be afraid to ask for that promotion, say how you feel, or get up and pitch your idea because confidence is the key to success. If you aren’t able to put yourself forward and do what you feel is right, the hard truth is that you won’t get where you want to go. So even if your hands are shaking, you’ve got sweaty palms and you’re about to go bright red, just do it. From experience, I can tell you it works every time.

6. Don’t forget to relax

At this point you’ve had a pretty busy day, juggling work, colleagues, family and friends so you deserve to relax. Being able to put down that laptop and take chill time is just as important as working hard, because if you can’t find balance, success will be a slow road. Put your feet up and watch some tele, have a bath with your favourite wellness soak from Soak Society and chill out!

Although it may not be as quick and easy as you may want it be, it’s important to never stop trying, and if you’re willing to do the small things - you'll be on the road to success in all aspects of your life.