The Beach People's Emma Henderson on beauty go-to's and working with her sister

Emma Henderson is the co-founder and creative director of The Beach People. I caught up with her recently to chat about what it's like to manage work and family time, and what she does to unwind. 

When I heard you speak at the Dare to Dream event, you recalled a moment watching a movie on an airplane where you felt so emotional and happy about bringing on your CEO because it allowed more of a work/life balance for you and your sister. How do you balance the day to day lifestyle of being a Mum, partner, and running a business?

When you own your own business balance is something that doesn’t come easy. Basically we do what we have to do to get things done. Kids and all… Sometimes balance goes out the window and thats ok. My sister Vic and I are in the office two days a week and the other days we are 100% available by email or phone. We try and switch off after hours so we can spend time with our husbands and kids. We try not to work weekends so we can be with our families and have some solid down time.

We love how some of the Roundies are named after different towns/places. Do any of these have a significant meaning for you or inspire the designs at all? What is your favourite beach you've travelled to?

We are inspired by travel, art, nature, music, architecture or a period of time. Vic and I travelled to Montauk last year, we loved the coastal town so much we decided to design a roundie after it. We also traveled to Palm Springs, I fell in love with the pool clubs and architecture is so beautiful, so we designed the Palm Springs roundie. Most of our towels are designed after some of our favourite places.

You have the house to yourself - what do you do? What are your me-time rituals?

That sounds amazing!! I usually sit, have a cup of tea in the sunshine, perhaps catch up on a bit of trashy TV or watch a movie.

What are your top 5 'desert island' beauty or wellness essentials?

1. YSL Touche Éclat - my go to, life essential! Hides the bags under your eyes, makes your lips look fuller, eliminates any redness.

2. A Roundie - could come in handy on a desert island. I usually have one with me in the back of the car at all times… park, beach, poolside ready!

3. Aēsop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol - love it on the plane to hydrate and refresh.

4. Coconut Oil - cold pressed and organic just for a moisturiser.

5. Water - Still, sparkling I love it!!

If you had to choose one positive thing that's come from starting The Beach People, what would it be?

As Vic and I have never done anything like this before we have learnt SO much! I love learning new things, all the lessons we have learnt along the way so far have been priceless. Also working with my sister Victoria has been the BEST!