The best way to deal with cramps

You know the feeling too well... You're curled up on the couch (or floor), unable to move. Crawling to the medicine cabinet, you grab some Panadol to get on with your day, just you know, being an amazing goddess. 

But what do we do when we either don't want to take any more pain relief drugs, or maybe they're just not working effectively? We soak. 

Did you know that warmth on your skin can alleviate the cramps? YASS! Because none of us lady bosses want to be bedridden and missing out on the chance to work on our businesses or careers.

So, when you use a hot water bottle or take a bath, the heat that is applied to the area of pain (your stomach or back), this turns on the heat receptors, that then block the message to your brain. Sweet, if not fleeting relief is felt, and that's when it's time to let a little bit of cold water out of the tub and fill it up with a bit more hot. The heat will also relax the tense muscles in your stomach area. 

Geranium oil is also great for relief of cramps, so the best soak to use for that time of the month is our Rose wellness soak, which has rose geranium pure essential oil. If you have some handy, you can also mix it with a carrier oil like almond, and rub it on your belly or back. 

All of our soaks contain Epsom salts, which has high levels of magnesium. There aren't many minerals that will ease aches and pains or decrease inflammation effectively than magnesium will. Better still, you'll get a better nights sleep with more magnesium in your system.

Anyone that's ever tried the stick-on heat patches will know how amazing heat is for pain, especially for when you just can't miss a day of work or study. But if you can before work, or when you get home, a nice long soak is the perfect way to combat those damned cramps!

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