The Lowdown on Natural Deodorants with Babs Bodycare

It's a fact - natural deodorants are here to stay. The dangers of aluminium based deodorants are now common knowledge, which is great news for both our health, as well as for product creators like Andrea from Babs Bodycare. We wanted to know more about the brains behind this Melbourne based brand, and understand the functionalities of the natural ingredients that go into her formulations.

Why did you start Babs Bodycare, and what is your biggest win to date?

After what felt like years of searching and trying different natural deodorants - sprays, roll ons, those crystal rocks, you name it I tried it - I struggled to find one that was actually natural and that actually worked. So in 2014 I started making my own! Take it from one stinky girl, it was hard work but the one I made worked!  It was 100% natural and it changed my life!  Friends and family tried it and loved it and so Babs began.

It’s probably a whole lot of little wins really – the feedback we get from our customers on a weekly basis when they try our products, really make every day worthwhile. But if there was one it would have to be our new Geranium & Clary Sage bicarb free deodorant - a small amount of people have a reaction to bicarb so creating a natural deodorant that those with sensitive pits can use is awesome!




We know that using an aluminium based deodorant is bad for us. Can you outline the natural ingredients in your deodorants, and how they work? 

Our natural deodorants work so well but without blocking pores and do not contain harmful synthetics. 

The three main ways our natural deodorant works are:  

  • Keeps you smelling fresh – naturally anti-bacterial, anti-septic and deodorising ingredients including coconut oil, essential oils, bicarbonate of soda OR magnesium, help to eliminate bacteria which is what causes us to smell.
  • Keeps you feeling dry - arrowroot and clay help to absorb sweat to keep you dry.
  • Looks after your pits – rich nourishing butters of shea and cacao are rich in vitamin e and anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin soft and armpits healthy.

Who makes up your family? What do you do together for fun on the weekends?

It’s me and my husband, Matt, (who is amazing and helps me so much with Babs). Our weekends normally consist of farmers markets, brunches and catching up with friends. Living close to the water (St Kilda) we’ll make sure we get down to the beach for a walk. And we’ll normally squeeze in a little bit of work too!



You have an hour to yourself for some me-time. What do you do?

I’d apply a face mask and chill.

Is there anything you want to get better at in terms of taking care of yourself? And why?

I think I’m quite good at self-care and listening to my body.  I can switch off from the biz pretty easily – just ask hubby! One thing would be moving my body every day. I love yoga and play a team sport twice a week as well as get down to the beach for walks but being winter in Melbourne, it can be a little tricky to get out every day.

What's next for Babs Bodycare? What is your goal for the next few years?

We’re working on a few new products to launch for Summer which is really exciting. We’re growing and would love to be known more nationally and internationally in the next few years. 


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