The new activewear label that supports rising female athletes

Why did you start Fettle? Tell us a bit about the journey so far...

Peta and Hayley: Sisters and also best friends, we were born and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The value of a healthy, active and outdoor lifestyle was instilled in us by our parents and we were encouraged to participate in every water and land based sport we could get our hands on. More than this, we were also taught that we could do or achieve anything regardless of whether we were male or female if we simply gave things a go.

Thanks to this sound advice, through hard work and dedication, we have both gone on to represent Australia in our chosen sport and play on the international stage. The journey we took to reach the pinnacle of our sport has given us a “real life” education in health, work/life balance and the importance of creating a positive mental state. At Fettle we aim to pass on these values by educating, supporting and promoting the next generation of rising female athletes.

What are your favourite pieces from your current range?

HayleyLauren Bike Pants. I’m obsessed with bike pants to train in and these fit perfectly. They feature a mid-rise so you can bend every which way and they stay in place!

Peta: I love the Paige Shorts and the Tori Singlet. I love going to the beach for a run and hate having to tuck my car key and money into my bra or hat so the Paige Shorts are my savior, they are not only super comfortable and functional but they have a nice little pocket for my car key and money for that coffee afterwards. The Tori Singlet just feels so nice on and has been super flattering on my expanding belly (I am now 32 weeks pregnant).

Why is supporting female athletes so important to you?

Peta and Hayley: Our own experiences in what it takes to reach the pinnacle in sport have taught us a tremendous amount. Sacrifice is not just a gimmicky word we use – we have lived it. We know what it’s like to be a female athlete at the top of her game - yet receive very little monetary or promotional rewards for the sports we pursue. We want to help change that. That’s why at Fettle each of our garments are named after a rising female athlete who will receive a portion of the sales to help them achieve their sporting dreams. We will also promote them by sharing their achievements and experiences with you. At the end of each range we will be on the search for the next group of “Fettle Girls” who we believe deserve sponsorship and promotion in their chosen sport.

Something we ask everyone - what are your me-time rituals?

Hayley: A work/life balance has always been super important for me. I understand the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind, and that stress is a major factor to people’s health. Even when I’m tired and unmotivated I drag myself outdoors and go for a run, this clears my mind and boosts my energy levels. My ultimate saviour and cleanse is a dip in the ocean too. I’m so lucky to live 2 mins away from the beach and I try not to take this for granted!

Peta: I love exercising and running in particular (yes some people think I am a little crazy), I just find it switches off my active brain for a moment. I also love a good strong remedial massage.

You're stuck on a desert island. What are your top three wellness essentials?


  1. Sunscreen (we have been blessed with fair skin so sunscreen is a must!)
  2. Toothbrush (I’m obsessed with clean teeth)
  3. Music (need I explain?)


  1. Big wide brimmed hat
  2. Toothbrush (just like Hayley I can’t imagine not brushing my teeth morning and night and sometimes even after lunch)
  3. Fishing rod (could eat fresh fish for breakfast lunch and dinner easily, love it)

What is your ultimate dream for Fettle?

Hayley: Currently we are both still working as teachers, so it would be great to one day run Fettle full time. We love working together, so to be able to do this day-in, day-out (and squeeze in a midday run together) would be ideal!

Peta: We would also love to see our Fettle Girls succeed in their sports and to know that we played a small role in helping them on their way. Ultimately we want to promote female athletes and see them earning a living in their sport! The more we are able to help the better.