The top 3 reasons to soak your feet now

So you want to soak but your bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub. Kind of a big problem? Think again.

According to ancient Eastern wisdom, soaking your feet can be just as beneficial, as they believe that our feet hold delicate pressure points from which toxins can be released.

“Hot foot baths increase blood flow through the feet and entire skin surface, relieving congestion in internal organs and brain. This type of bath also elevates the body temperature, relaxing tense muscles and increasing white blood cell activity.”

Relaxation plus congestion relief? We believe we’re on to a winner. The best part is you can combine a foot bath with something you regularly do such as reading a magazine or a book, watching TV or even working at your laptop.

If you use our wellness soaks for your foot bath, remember to always use a glass or plastic bucket or container, not metal, as it will ruin the effectiveness of the bentonite clay.

Finish your foot soak by massaging some coconut oil into your soles to keep the moisture in.