Why Epsom salts need to be part of your weekly routine

There's no denying it, Epsom salts are 'in-vogue'. You may have only just caught up to the trend, or might have been using Epsom for years, but we're betting there's still a few things you don't know about the magnesium loaded salts that our wellness soaks are made with.

Feeling tense?

When we are stressed, our body thinks it’s a good idea to put us on edge, make us a bit uptight, and not so joyful. With the help of our good friend magnesium (found in Epsom salts), a great hormone called serotonin is released, which increases our mood, leaving us feeling our wonderful selves again! Grab a glass of wine, put some chill music on and let it all go.

Is it that time of the month?

Magnesium is a great way to reduce those god awful cramps that us women suffer through every month. Not only does it reduce stress and anxiety, but can relax the body helping out with cramping. Magnesium tablets are also a great way to go but who doesn’t love a warm bath to wash our woes away? Check out our blog post that focuses on dealing with cramps.

Ready to say goodbye to toxins in the body?

When you soak with Epsom salts, a process called reverse osmosis takes place, and nasty toxins are able to be pulled out of our body. Make sure you soak for more than 20 minutes to get this process underway! If you're looking for a super detoxifying bath use about 4-5 tablespoons of your favourite soak to ensure you're getting rid of unwanted toxins.

Need brighter skin?

Exfoliating is a must when it comes to our skin care routine! When we exfoliate, the barrier of dead skin cells on our face is removed, uncovering the fresh new cells underneath. As we get older, the regeneration of skin cells slows down, leaving the skin looking dull and dry where exfoliation leads to softer, smoother skin. If you're not interested in spending your money on an exfoliating product, adding Epsom salts to your cleanser is a great alternative. 

So now that I’ve changed your life, grab a soak (I recommend the Originale Wellness soak if you’re new to the soak family) and thank me later!