Why you need to be living in the moment

It's a never ending cycle and no one is immune to it. We wake up and long for the end of the day to come, we think that the future and past is significantly better than the present and we hope desperately for Friday to be a reality, all while forgetting what's happening right now.

We are living our lives in the future and giving ourselves no time for the current moment and by doing this, we are never satisfied. So how do we take a step back, re-centre ourselves and start being present?

Living in the present, also known as mindfulness basically is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. In simpler terms it's when our thoughts don't take control and the current moment is our priority. It all sounds a bit up in the air doesn't it, I mean, we are living in the moment right? Well not entirely. You may be that lucky person that has their shit together, but the other 99% of us need some help sometimes. Fundamentally we are 'living in the moment' but we are not practising mindfulness, which is so important.

Instead of thinking about that deadline you have next week or that time you have off next month, being aware of your current situation is all you need to do! By prioritising the 'now' you'll be shocked as to what can happen. Several studies have shown that mindfulness can reduce rumination which in simpler terms means overthinking, leading to higher attention spans, memory capacities and less depressive symptoms. Not only that, our stress and anxiety levels decrease because we are not constantly worried about what's happening in the future. We are able to focus our attention more clearly and we can become less emotionally reactive. And who doesn't want that! 

If you're stuck on ways to start the process of living in the moment, start off small. This may be through taking 30 minutes out of your day to just be present, going for a walk and getting some fresh air, being creative, meditating, have a soak, switching off technology, doing some yoga, exercising, and just having fun!

It's easy to let that five year plan in our minds get the best of us, to feel overwhelmed and constantly trying to be better, yet in reality the present is the only thing you can really rely on so appreciate it because the past has happened, let it go, and the future - it's a work in progress...