Why you need to be stepping outside your comfort zone

Our comfort zone: it’s a simple, kind and well known area we all love to live in. We are less stressed, calm and our autopilot is on- sounds great doesn’t it? If only we could live like that forever. Unfortunately, when reality is calling your name and you are stuck in the world of comfort, how can you grow and achieve things? Do you think Obama ever thought, you know what, I’m just going to stay home today and not give it my all, or that Sophia Amoruso decided it was all too much and gave up? Of course not! They took one big step outside of their comfort zone and did their best! So what’s stopping you..?

It’s a wicked problem- we all have the desire to be better and try harder, yet, it doesn’t always happen that way. We get scared and are put off by the thought of taking that step into new territory. The change of a consistent pattern is the problem and in order to break it takes some guts.

So how do you do it?

If you have arrived at the point where you know it’s time to push yourself, are stuck, or are putting off something nerve racking, you know it’s time to get out there, and what better time than the present! Once you push yourself, you are then able to make an impact, a difference! Understanding that it may not be smooth sailing is key. Snapping yourself out of it by throwing yourself into the deep end is your best bet. Don't overthink it, breathe, and just do it, Nike style. 

Get that ball rolling!

Accepting the fact thats it's time to grow is essential. Through small changes you will then be able to transition from your current situation to your end goal. Here's an example: If you're in need of a career change, you can start by seeing what's out there - Google different companies and see what interests you and try and get a few interviews. Go for some interviews and see what happens! You may not get the job but hey, you haven't lost anything!  All you can do is be authentic and give it your all. Most importantly, don't go in questioning yourself. 

It could be a speech, a choice, a kiss, a decision or an alteration in your life. Make that move, aim high. Deciding to change is the hard part, now you can just do your thing. But don't forget to #hustlesoakrepeat!