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Why you need this mineral-rich French sea salt in your beauty routine

Want to know why we love using this mineral-rich French sea salt in our weekly me-time routines? We thought we’d share some information on one of our favourite ingredients that goes into all our Wellness Soaks and why it’s so amazing for our bodies.

What is it?

Celtic sea salt is a natural, unprocessed salt harvested from the Celtic Sea offshore from France, England and Ireland. Nothing is added or removed from the salt – it’s 100% naturally derived.

Why did we choose to use it in our products?

This compound provides several health benefits and is completely raw and unrefined. Many salts contain added chemicals to whiten them, that can be harmful to our skin, that’s why it was important for us to find a salt that was totally natural and mineral-rich.

Why does it look different to normal salts?

Celtic Sea salt is gathered by manual salt farming methods which began in France centuries ago. The sea water is channeled into shallow clay ponds where the air and the sun naturally cause the water to evaporate. Harvesters then sweep the top of the ocean with wooden rakes to gather the salts. Because of the way it’s harvested, the salt retains all 84 elements of the sea making it rich with nutritional value.

The salt is grey in colour as it is unrefined and unbleached and contains clay and natural minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, zinc and potassium all of which have significant benefits for our bodies.

What are the benefits?

Our skin is our largest organ and by soaking in mineral rich water we can help our skin absorb all the essential elements we need to stay healthy!

The minerals in Celtic Salt help to increase energy levels, promote a restful sleep and can prevent muscle cramps. The sodium component helps control blood pressure as well as promotes proper muscle and nerve function. The calcium helps to keep our skin hydrated and protect us from UV sun rays by regulating our skin’s pigment.

The many benefits and organic nature of Celtic salt make it a irreplaceable ingredient in our Wellness Soaks.