Happy Soakers

Your soaks are by far my absolute favourite mama indulgence! They are simply beautiful and so in line with everything that I am all about!
— Leila Stead, The Single Mum Diaries
Just reaching out to say I had the most amazing bath last night with your bath soak! AMAZING! Literally passed out and slept like a baby. I bought Mum the bath dew and she loves it as well!
— Khayt, Happy Soaker
I used the sleep soak last night! I slept from 9pm to 7am. This is coming from someone who generally has 5 hours of broken sleep. One happy girl today!
— Bianca, Chivalry & Delivery
SOAK SOCIETY are my favourite bath salts to date – seriously, you need to try these! They make for the PERFECTO gift and self care indulgence, or necessity – it depends how high you value your wellness ;). Oh and I don’t know if I mentioned, THEY SMELL UTTERLY DIVINE, you will want to soak every night once you get your hands on these!
— Emmily Banks, Depths Of Beauty
Personally, I have an affinity for all things floral - we tend to associate flowers with femininity, but I think a man who embraces flowers shows a strong sensitivity. With all certainty, this is a soak for the senses. As I immersed myself in the peach-coloured water, and floated beneath the petals, I couldn’t help but feel my senses awaken. I emerged from the soak feeling soft and smooth!
— James, Bath Blogger
This pink rose soak is pretty much the best thing I’ve smelt.
— A Girl Called Steph
What better way to relax than bathing in a Soak Society beauty wellness soak!
— Peony and Page
I absolutely love your wellness soaks! That’s a lie, I’m OBSESSED with them! Especially the Rose one. Your divine soaks are a regular self love ritual for me to take time out and nourish myself.
— Steph Demetrious
This gorgeous Soak Society wellness bath soak will instantly transport you to the seaside. It combines jasmine and lemon myrtle with lime and sea salt for an intoxicating summer scent.
— Emily Waight, Sporteluxe
Like Epsom salts on steroids, this souped up bath mix also includes mineral-rich sea salts and clay for maximum skin benefits. Bonus: It smells dreamy, like a lemon-lime margarita.
— Byrdie Beauty Australia
Your soaks are the ideal post-exam relaxation!
— Grace, Happy Soaker
You know those nights? When all you want to do is jump in a bath, with French music playing in the background, a glass of red by your side, and just… soak. Well this little Sunshine Coast beauty brand is your key to unwinding.
— Metropolist Sunshine Coast
Oh my gosh, what a deliciously luxurious treat these soaks are!
— Emily, Why Hello Beauty
I just wanted to let you know that your soaks are doing me a world of good. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and feeling quite stressed… seeing your Insta posts pop up at night remind me to have a bath and I always sleep so much better when I do. It’s a life changer!
— Catherine, The Spring Collective
Most relaxing bath soak I’ve ever used! Loosened my tense muscles and relieved my headache so much, and I love the fresh peppermint smell! I felt so much better after my bath, so clear, relaxed and sleepy! The perfect soak for a stress head like me.
— Isabella Darcy, Happy Soaker
I purchased the Rose soak as I know Emily at Why Hello Beauty and I read her post about Soak Society. I gave the pack to my Mum and she LOVES it!! She actually told me she’s been rationing the last of it because she doesn’t want to run out! So I’m getting her all of these for Christmas. Thanks so much for your lovely products!
— Lana, Regular Soaker
Love a good soak. I find there is no better way to unwind at the end of the day. I am drawn to the yinyang blend for its detoxication and relaxing properties.
— Kate Williams, Nodo Donuts
Wow, these salts are an absolute dream. I get very poor circulation and puffy/tired feet in humid weather. Having a foot soak with these salts for just 15 minutes has an amazing effect on my circulation. And the smell is absolutely divine!
— Anna, Happy Soaker
I love these soaks and have been bathing with them weekly since they arrived!
— Lara Worthington
I was immensely impressed by the high quality and effect of all three soaks which offer a sophisticated alternative to brightly coloured bath bombs and overly-pungent bath salts. Ideal for the modern woman who is looking for quick and effective way to nurture herself in those rare moments of down time.
— Kimberley Scott for Fitness First Mag
I loved my rose soak. I felt like I was in a Japanese bath house when I closed my eyes and enjoyed my soak. My skin felt amazing and I smelt like 100 roses.
— Giannina, regular soaker
I love these unique bath salts. I’m a bubble bath kinda girl, but these have very quickly become some of my favourite things to use in the bath. The scents are amazing, natural and calming. The packaging on these bath products is amazing! Super sleek and beautiful.
— The Life of Laura, Blogger
Once you discover soak society there is definitely no going back. It’s a product that is sublime and makes me want to soak in the tub often. My favourite is the Originale. The burst of peppermint as you step in is something special. And as it says it ‘soothes the soul!’. The fact Soak Society is Australian made and owned, natural and organic makes it even better...
— Brooke Robertson, Happy Soaker
My favourite relaxation assistant.
— Olive Cooke, blogger
Soak Society is the perfect addition to a relaxing evening in. It soothes tired muscles, helps you unwind and renews your mood. I especially love the lavender as it encourages your body to relax again. The natural petals/buds of flowers in the soak are an added luxury.
— Lyndal Gubbels, The Flower Dispensary
I received your package yesterday. Perfect timing after a very stressful day! I was able to try your soak last night and just wanted to let you know what a beautiful product it is. Especially love the subtleness of the essential oils. Well done, I look forward to seeing more wonderful things from Soak Society in the future.
— Court Steed, Earth Events
I have fallen in love with this soak and will quite happily recommend to anyone. It feels gentle enough for pretty much all skin types. I am going to try to soak once a week. I love when a product can only benefit you and your life. I have a huge amount of pain, and because I had to try this out it forced me back into the bath and reminded me how beneficial a hot bath and breathing in and soaking in products that are so good for you can be the most wonderful thing. And the sexy little black bag will look gorgeous in your bathroom too.
— Jayde Leeder, Little Beauty Lane
The most luxe bath treatments I have ever used! It sold out at Valentine’s Day in my studio.
— Nat Sellars, Kindred Toxin Free Facials
After a huge week of trade fairs and speaker events I can say that I was exhausted. These Soak Society wellness soaks came at the perfect time. I ran myself a bath last night to switch off from the world and today I’m re-energised! I have very sensitive skin and I had no problems at all. Not only does the Rose soak smell divine, it relaxed me and my skin is feeling super soft and smooth. I loved the fact there were rose petals floating in the bath. It felt like I was in a 5 star spa. (minus the kids dropping in every few minutes) Seriously, I am in love with your soaks! You gave me my sanity back! It could not have come at a better time, I was mentally and physically exhausted. Today I feel like a new woman!
— Maggie, Kreo Home
Thanks a MILLION for the service and product!!! I bought online on Monday and had delivered to someone as a ‘secret santa’ gift because I love your product and I also love that you do free postage! It arrived to her within a couple of days which is amazing - and she’s THRILLED with the product. You guys even wrote my little secret santa note on there! Most stress free and rewarding Christmas shopping I’ve ever done! I’m going to order another lot! Do you guys get any better?!!!
— Allie, Happy Soaker
Thank you for providing us with the Noosa Soaks at the recent HoSA conference in Noosa Heads. We had some lovely feedback from the guests, most of whom were able to use the soaks on their stay at the Sofitel as most rooms had a spa bath. We had one particular guest who was feeling very unwell, went upstairs, had a lay down followed by a soak and made it back in time for the Welcome Reception. She was most grateful and wanted us to pass on her gratitude to you for your product.
— Jen, University of the Sunshine Coast - HoSA Conference