Relaxation with Mayde Tea

Relaxtion with Mayde Tea
We get the lowdown from Kate Dalton, founder of Mayde Tea. Kate is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, specialising in women’s health, and digestive and nervous system ailments. She knows her stuff.

Kate, You’ve been running Mayde Tea for almost 5 years now. What is your biggest (or most current) fear?

I don’t know if this is too honest – but losing the business?! At the moment we have zero reason to think this. If you have a business you’ve probably had a few days where you find yourself wondering if there’s a better, less stressful job on Seek. Sometimes the lows in business can be pretty low! But the highs obviously make up for it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think because I love Mayde Tea so much, the thought of losing it would shatter me!

What is your favourite product you have created and why?

Our Serenity blend. There are so many ‘sleepy time’ teas and they all have such a similar flavour to each other. Ours has a beautiful floral and unique flavour, and most definitely does it’s said job of encouraging a restful, deep sleep. I’m sure it’s the reason I’m the worlds best sleeper. Also our custom made infuser. It’s the solution to making loose-leaf tea as easy to make as a tea bag – minus the environmental footprint and health impact.

What is a hobby or activity that you’ve always wanted to take up but never gotten around to it?

Restoring furniture! I always buy things thinking I’m going to get a sander out and head to Bunnings to be able to tackle the job solo. I now have a very handy boyfriend that took that plan away – lucky he did, because it was probably never happening!

Describe the best day in your business to date…

The day our beautiful shop opened! It is a cute little showroom and shop in the Byron Bay industrial estate. I got to design it all exactly how I wanted to, my partner and I built it all from scratch and the day it opened I stood there and felt so proud! It was a huge milestone for me, also that our relationship survived through me changing my mind a million times throughout the process was a huge achievement.

You have an evening to yourself for some me-time. What do you do?

Have a bath! I’m not being cliche here. But to be honest, I used to hate baths, or relaxing of any sort. I got bored and irritated and just wanted to get out straight away. I got my hands on your soaks and forced myself to try it again, and now I absolutely I love it. It’s my ritual once a week when my partner wants to watch the football. I look forward to being able to sit still, drink a wine or tea and read a book in the bath. I think its so important to have this time out, to properly, mindfully slow down. If I looked at myself 3 years ago doing this, I wouldn’t believe it.

What is your favourite restaurant or bar, and what do you order?

I’ll never forget an Italian restaurant we went to in Auckland called Prego in October last year. I ordered seafood marinara and haven’t stop talking about it since.

Is there anything you want to get better at in terms of taking care of yourself?

I’m really big on self love. I think I spent about 28 years not loving my body and who I am, and chasing change. This is something I’m always trying to work on and improve – and I’m slowly getting there!
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