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The Lowdown on Epsom Bath Salts: What you need to know

Epsom Bath Salts Range

Epsom salts are a prime ingredient in our Wellness Bath Soaks, so we thought we’d give you a few good-to-knows about what they are and how they benefit our bodies.

Fact #1 – ‘Magnesium’ Epsom Bath Salts

Even though the tiny clear crystals may look like table salt, it is actually completely different! Epsom salts are a mineral compound of magnesium sulfate.

Fact #2 – Nourishes Skin and Body

The health benefits of Epsom Bath Salts are huge. The magnesium component helps to replenish dry skin and serotonin levels, improve sleep, soothe sore muscles, reduce bloating and improve bone health.

Epsom Bath Salts Handheld

Fact #3 – From Merry Old England

Epsom salts are named after the town in Surrey, England where they were originally made by boiling water from the natural saline springs to extract the leftover minerals.

Fact #4 – Detoxify

The sulphate component helps detoxify your body, improves collagen production which helps us maintain healthy, glowing skin and assists in regulating blood sugar by supporting our pancreas to produce insulin.

Whether you need to soothe sore muscles, detoxify or just have a little me-time, our wellness soaks contain all the necessary ingredients for ultimate relaxation because we’ve also added natural clays, other salts like Celtic and Himalayan, as well as essential oils!

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